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1. $1800.00 + in Only 1 Day “We picked up doughnuts on Saturday morning and had tables at 2 retail stores. 8 hours later, we had over $1800.00 profit! Great!” –  C. Bunch
2. Exceeded Goal by 43% “It was an easy fundraiser to organize. The pre-selling is nice so that our young and broke student chapter had no risk.” – K. Hawks
3. Police Explorers “hooked up” with Dough “We had approximately 15 active explorers and 3 advisors selling. We set up our booth at a local store and sold all 600 dozen in 8 hours. We had positive energy flowing everywhere and used it to sell all boxes and left our town wanting more. Thank you Krispy Kreme!” – L. Jaramillo

Chart your success

1. Your group can use this program multiple times during the same year to raise even more dough since Krispy Kreme is a popular treat any time. Plus…repetition makes things even simpler for you!
2. Using the suggested selling price for each product, your group has the opportunity to make profits suggested in the chart above.
3. Profit amounts exclude applicable tax or delivery charges, if any. Prices may vary in your market and are subject to change.

** For qualifying fundraising groups and organizations only. Profits shown do not reflect
impact from any applicable sales tax. All prices noted do not include sales tax and are
subject to change. Delivery may be available with a minimum purchase. Delivery
availability and charges